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The planet Earth is invaded by alien creatures from space bent on the destruction of their sister world. These ZOMBIES OF THE STRATOSPHERE plot to detonate massive H-bomb expolsions powerful enough to blast the Earth out of itís orbit so that Mars may take itís place!! Standing in their way is fighting scientist, Larry Martin (Judd Holdren), who disguised as the jet-propelled ROCKETMAN, challenges their superior forces. The Martians (Lane Bradford and STAR TREKís Leonard Nimoy) employ space ships, ray guns and robots to thwart the valiant ROCKETMAN. Pretty Aline Towne is the heroine. Here are 12 exciting chapters of science fiction action from Republic, the studio that made the best of the cliffhanger serials, as originally seen in 1952, but now DIGITALLY REMASTERED to create a print so crisp and clean it looks as if it was lensed yesterday!! See the character that inspired Dave Stevensí ROCKETEER in itís first incarnation!! This is a non-region DVD, capable of playing on any standard DVD player. The film is a full-screen, two-disc set in black and white, and runs approximately 166 minutes.

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ACC14 Zombies of the Stratosphere DVD (1952/Hudd Holdren) $24.95