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More rock ‘em/sock ‘em vintage serial action!!! The apparent ghost of a 200 year old pirate, CAPTAIN MEPHISTO (played by classic serial and B-Western villain, actor ROY BARCROFT ) has kidnapped Dr. Forrest, inventor of the Radiatomic Power Transmitter, and holds him prisoner on Mystery Island, a tiny dot in the Pacific. To find her missing father, Claire Forrest (LINDA STIRLING, star of The Tiger Woman and Zorro’s Black Whip.) enlists the aid of criminologist Lance Reardon (RICHARD BAILEY). On Mystery Island the pair finds that it is owned by four men, all descendants of Captain Mephisto. One of these men is secretly their enemy and by use of a strange device, the “Transformation Chair”; is able to change the molecular composition of his body to become the embodiment of the ancient pirate Mephisto. The villain and his minions, led by Brand( KENNE DUNCAN ) counter the efforts of Claire and Reardon to find the missing scientist through many daring and exciting adventures. Who is the mysterious Captain Mephisto? You’ll have to wait until the final chapter to find out. This is a digitally-enhanced complete presentation of the original 1945 movie serial, (on DVD) in black and white, just as it was filmed. This program consists of all 15 chapters, and runs approximately 219 minutes. This is an all-ages DVD movie presentation on two discs, region-free, in NTSC format, recorder on a DVD-R disc, and should play on any standard DVD player.

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