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Enemy agents hang over the state of Texas like a black cloud. Radioing orders from a dirigible to operatives disguised as honest citizens, "His Excellency" fires oil fields, wrecks trains and dynamites dams.When Captain King of the Teaxas Rangers is murdered by spy John Barton(NEIL HAMILTON), his son, Tom King(SLINGIN'SAMMIE BAUGH). a famous football player, joins the Rangers to avenge his father's death. As saboteurs strike on both sides of the border, King is joined by Pedro Garcia( (DUNCAN REYNALDO) of the Mexican Rurales. Aiding them both is pretty Sally Crane (PAULINE MOORE), a newspaper reporter whose detective work helps uncover enemy agents. Set in 1941, King & Pedro dash into action alternating on horseback then automobiles, making this chapterplay packed with action. Directed by WILLIAM WITNEY and JOHN ENGLISH, serial fans are guaranteed 12 top-notch, thrill-filled episodes. The cast also includes Kermit Maynard, Roy Barcroft, Kenne Duncan and Jack Ingram. The fast-paced music score is composed by Cy Feuer. In black & white, this 12-chapter serial , originally released by Republic Pictures in 1941, runs 216 minutes.

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ACC8 King of the Texas Rangers DVD (1941 serial/Sammy Baugh) $24.95