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Fighting G-Man Rex Bennett (ROD CAMERON), back in the 'States after completing his MANHUNT IN THE AFRICAN JUNGLE, now takes on the infamous Black Dragon Society, an Asian spy ring set upon destroying the American war effort. Headed by the insidious Baron Haruchi (NINO PIPITONE) the Black Dragons initiate sabotage and murder on a grand scale threatening troop carriers, munitions plants and even Boulder Dam. Aiding Rex against the spy ring are top agents from Britain Vivian Marsh (CONSTANCE WORTH) and China Chang Sing. (ROLAND GOT) Helming the action through15 break-neck episodes, master serial director WILLIAM WITNEY puts the characters through their paces enduring raging fires, massive explosions, crashing airplanes, Oriental torture chambers and even a poison-beaked raven!! At 6' 4", Rod Cameron makes an impressive hero and handles the rigors of a cliffhanger thriller like a champ. Constance Worth proves herself to be a solid Republic heroine, diving from speeding cars and blasting away with a Tommy gun like the best of them. Given a larger than usual production budget elevating it to the status of "super serial", G-MEN VS THE BLACK DRAGON boasted some of the greatest perils and most extensively choreographed fight sequences of any Republic serial. Digitally remastered with 15 episodes on two discs, complete with interactive menu for easy chapter selection and complete with trailer reel, G-MEN VS BLACK DRAGON will keep serial fans on the edge of their seats. Non-regional discs, recorded in NTSC format onto DVD-R's, this 1943 black & white serial feature runs 244 minutes.

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ACC9 G Men Vs. the Black Dragon DVD (1943/Rod Cameron) $24.95