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Attorney Jeff (George Turner) Stuart returns from the Civil War to find Box County taken over by crooked politicos. After every legal avenue fails to oust the bad apples, Jeff adopts the masked identity of his late father, and the legendary ZORRO rides again. Western action aplenty and a mystery villain!! A true classic!! AC publisher and film/Western afficionado Bill Black calls this HIS personal favorite among all the ZORRO film versions ever done. Though sticking only loosely to the continuity of previous Zorros, Jeff Stewart’s motivation (using every means available to a top flight attorney, but still unable to bring the crooked operators to justice) for donning the mask & black outfit anchors a solid script, with good acting, stunts & top-notch direction from Specer Bennet. Excellent support from veterean serial thespians Peggy Stewart & Roy Barcroft lift the cast well above average.The program consists of all 13 chapters of the entire 182- minute 1946 serial, fimed in black & white, plus the original theatrical trailer AND Chapter 3 of The Painted Stallion as extras. It is an all-ages movie presentation on two DVD discs, in NTSC format, recorded on DVD-R discs. It should play on any standard DVD player.

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ACC11 Son of Zorro DVD (1947 serial/George Turner) $24.95