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Secret Service agent Rex (ROD CAMERON) Bennett poses as a Gestapo member in Berlin during World War II to learn of a plot to swing African Arabs to the Nazi cause. He escapes with the Dagger of Solomon and a forged Moslem scroll and joins forces with pretty American correspondant Janet (JOAN MARSH) Blake and French officer Pierre (Duncan Renaldo) LaSalle. Rex agrees to bring the ancient artifacts to Arab chief Sultan Abou Ben Ali to insure his loyalty but the Sultan has been replaced by a Nazi look-alike. Rex and his comrades are plunged into a series of hair-raising adventures in their pursuit of Nazis and their nefarious schemes. He faces death from a pendulum blade, dynamite esplosions, a sealed coffin and many other perils throughout 15 pulse-pounding episodes. Janet even adopts the guise of a veiled dancing girl in Casablancaís Oasis cafe. Rod Cameron reprises his role of Rex Bennett as seen in Republicís G-MEN VS THE BLACK DRAGON serial, so if you liked that one, youíll love this. See grassy, tree-covered Southern California stand in for the North African desert! See Duncan (The CISCO KID) Renaldo play a French police commandant!! Great fun. This set contains the full 1943 black and white Republic Pictures 15-chapter serial, digitally remastered and presented on DVD as a two-discset. It is unrated, recorded in NTSC format, and should play on any standard DVD player.

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ACC12 Manhunt in the African Jungle DVD (1954 serial/Rod Cameron) $24.95