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US Marine Lieutenants Tom Grayson and Frank Corby, while on assignment in Singapore, encounter a bizarre menace to world safety as destructive bolts of lightning rain terror from the sky. It is soon discovered that the masked madman known as THE LIGHTNING is behind the deadly attacks. THE LIGHTNING brings his lightning bolt weapon to America where he plans to drive democracy to it's knees. The young Lieutenants (LEE POWELL and HERMAN (Tarzan) BRIX) lead their Fighting Devil Dogs into the most perilous battle of their lives as they combat one of the best-remembered villains in cliffhanger serial history. The dramatic & effective black-cloaked costume and striking electrical special effects of THE LIGHTNING make him as much the "star" of this serial as any of the principles. Herman Brix, who later changed his screen name to Bruce Bennett costarred in a number of major "A" films throughout the 1940's. Originally released in 1938, this digitally remastered serial is directed by William Witney and John English, and runs 204 minutes and contains all 12 chapters.

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ACC13 Fighting Devil Dogs DVD (1943 serial/Jon English) $24.95