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Ann Harding, one of screendom's finest sufferers, stars in Gregory LaCava's Gallant Lady. Left pregnant by her (apparently) deceased lover Dan (Clive Brook, cast against type as a drunken lout), Sally (Harding ) tearfully gives up her son Didi (Dickie Moore) for adoption and endeavors to start life anew. She enjoys success as an interior decorator, yet still she longs to be reunited with her son. Sally is ultimately able to marry Philip Lawrence (Otto Kruger), the man who adopted Didi, when Lawrence's first wife (Betty Lawford) conveniently expires? but what about Dan, who may not be dead after all? Filmed by Twentieth Century Pictures a year before that company's merger with Fox, Gallant Lady was remade in 1938 as Always Goodbye, with Barbara Stanwyck in the Ann Harding role.

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