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Though it never garnered much critical acclaim during its network run (1966-71), the TV comedy-drama Family Affair has been a viewer favorite for decades thanks to its gentle tone, adorable cast, and simple but sweet storylines; the charm of the show has been well preserved on this debut season set. The appeal of Family Affair came from the relationship between wealthy bachelor engineer (gruff character actor Brian Keith), his manservant Mr. French (Sebastian Cabot), and the three children (Johnny Whitaker, Kathy Garver, and Anissa Jones) of his late brother, who have come to live with them. The stories in the first season may have been lightweight--Cissy (Garver) doesn't want to go to boarding school ("The Matter of School"); Buffy (Jones) loses her Mrs. Beasley doll ("Mrs. Beasley, Where Are You?"), Bill and Jody (Whitaker) try to go on a trip ("One for the Little Boy")--but there's no denying that Keith, Cabot, and the young cast approach the material with honesty and genuine emotion, which undoubtedly provides some of the reason for the program's enduring appeal. The set's five discs include all 29 episodes of the 1966-67 season, a gallery of production stills, and a featurette starring the now grown-up Garver, who provides some tidbits of information about the show's genesis, as well as her own reminiscences about the series.

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Special Features * "Family Affair: Behind the Scenes with Kathy Garver" featurette * Photo gallery

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