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It is 1895 in Canton, China. The Europeans are still milking the country for every dollar they can and claiming special privileges in it, as well. Meanwhile, the virulently anti-foreign White Lotus Society is mounting attacks on the generally clueless British, with the very obvious but low-key support of the government. If somebody doesn't protect the idiotic foreigners, things could get so far out of hand that they will bring in their armies for some really debilitating reprisals. This is all going on just at a time when China has some other serious problems, like the democratic agitations of Sun Yat Sen and the imperialist inroads of the Japanese, who have just stolen Taiwan from China. Fortunately, Wong Fey Hong (Jet Li) is a crafty and effective man and a wonderfully skilled martial artist. He is prepared to do what he can to protect the widely resented foreigners for reasons which are quintessentially Chinese.

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Special Features Digitally mastered audio & anamorphic video Widescreen presentation Audio: Cantonese & Mandarin 5.1 Subtitles: English, French, Spanish English widescreen dubbed version Filmographies Bonus trailers Interactive menus Scene selections

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CO05673 Once Upon a Time in China 2 DVD (1991/Jet Li) $9.99