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Starring: John Vernon, Delphine Seyrig, Donald Pleasence, Clive Revill, Joss Ackland, Joseph O'Connor, Michael Caine, Janet Suzman
Directed by: Don Siegel
Michael Caine stars in this thriller as John Tarrant, a military intelligence agent whose son is kidnapped by two of his colleagues after they decided to round up a diamond smuggling ring. Using the child as leverage, they hope to force Tarrant to co-operate. While Tarrant agrees to go along with their scheme for now, all the while he is searching for his missing child, and waiting for the perfect moment to take his revenge.

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UK165 Black Windmill DVD (1974/Michael Caine)
***Region 2 DVD.*** Will only play on computers or multi-region DVD players. Not made for playback on North American DVD players.