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Starring: Keye Luke, Dorothy Appleby, Warner Oland, George Brasno, Boris Karloff
Charlie Chan in Paris Following his case in London, Chan flies to Paris pretending to be on vacation, he is actually on a mission to investigate a bond-forgery racket.

Charlie Chan in London Chan finds himself in England and accepts a case where he has to find a murderer in 65 hours to save an innocent man from the gallows.

Charlie Chan at the Circus Chan takes his entire family to the circus, the owner has sent for him because he has been receiving threatening letters and asks Chan to investigate.

Charlie Chan on Broadway Chan takes on a the case and finds himself in an underworld inhabited by gangsters, blackmailers and murderers.

Charlie Chan in Shanghai Chan travels to Shanghai for his first visit in years, before he leaves the ship he is given a note warning him not to disembark, later that evening at a banquet given in Chanís honour, someone tries to murder him.

Charlie Chan at the Opera This film is considered the best of the Charlie Chan Warner Oland series. Boris Karloff stars as the menacing Gravelle

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