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Jean-Pierre Melville’s masterpiece about the French Resistance against the Nazi occupation went unreleased in the United States for thirty-seven years, before its triumphant theatrical debut in 2006. Atmospheric and gripping, Army of Shadows is Melville’s most personal film, featuring Lino Ventura, Paul Meurisse, Jean-Pierre Cassel, and the incomparable Simone Signoret as intrepid underground fighters who must grapple with their own brand of honor in their battle against Hitler’s regime.

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Special Features * New high-definition digital transfer of the 2004 restoration, supervised by director of photography Pierre Lhomme * Optional Dolby Digital Stereo 2.0 soundtrack * Audio commentary by film historian Ginette Vincendeau * New interviews with Lhomme and editor Françoise Bonnot * Archival video excerpts, including on-set footage and interviews with Melville, cast members, writer Joseph Kessel, and real-life Resistance fighters * Jean-Pierre Melville et “L’Armée des ombres” (2006), a short program on the director and his film * Le journal de la Résistance (1944), a rare short documentary shot on the front lines of the final days of German-occupied France * Film restoration demonstration by Lhomme * New and improved English subtitle translation * PLUS: A booklet featuring critic Amy Taubin, historian Robert Paxton, and excerpts from Rui Nogueira’s Melville on Melville

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