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Kim Yong-gyun's picture The Red Shoes is a South Korean horror opus. The story unravels in Seoul, where Sun Jae (Kim Hye Soo) discovers her husband's infidelity and leaves him, moving into an ancient, semi-dilapidated apartment house with her daughter, Tae Soo. She discovers a strange pair of red shoes on the subway and carts them home with her, sans realizing that the shoes carry a demonic curse and threaten to destroy the life of whoever holds them. As supernatural terrors hit the apartment and otherworldly visions fill Sun Jae's mind (including a dream sequence where drops of blood snow down from the sky), the shoes unleash the buried malevolent thoughts and desires from everyone surrounding Sun Jae, propelling the individuals toward horrible deaths. Sun Jae and her boyfriend Cheol (Kim Seong-Su) then attempt to determine the origin of the shoes and end the death spell - before Sun Jae's life is extinguished.

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