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Gorilla At Large Filmed at the height of the 3-D craze, GORILLA AT LARGE (1954) isn't a horror film as much as it is a mystery crime thriller. Fox contract players Cameron Mitchell and Anne Bancroft star and add lots of extra gloss to this tawdry tale of a series of murders in a circus. The setting is a circus called the Garden of Evil, where the star attraction is Goliath, a gorilla (and played very obviously by a man wearing a chimp suit). Anne Bancroft is Mlle. Laverne, a trapeze artist whose whole act revolves around swinging above Goliath's enclosure. When a series of grisly murders start taking place, all fingers point to Goliath, but things are never what they appear to be, especially in a seedy dive like the Garden of Evil... Anne Bancroft, paying off her 20th Century-Fox starlet commitments, gives a splendid performance. She's matched every step of the way by co-stars Mitchell, Raymond Burr, and Lee J. Cobb. Co-produced by Panoramic Productions, GORILLA AT LARGE is lots of fun. Extra features include an animated photo gallery, a brief B&W trailer and the original 'Intermission' titlecard. Mystery of Monster Island After cannibalizing Jules Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth in his 1977 film Where Time Began, Spanish director Juan Piquer Simon returned to the author with this substandard retelling of Mysterious Island. The story concerns a shipwrecked group who discover natural wonders and a gold treasure on a dangerous island populated by dinosaurs and living seaweed. Terence Stamp is the bad guy. Supposedly the most expensive film made in Spain to that point, it has an admittedly strong genre cast including Peter Cushing, Paul Naschy, and Ian Sera, but is really a cheesy monster movie likely to appeal only to children too young to be critical of special effects.

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