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DEVILS OF DARKNESS (1965) is an enjoyable British gem from the mid-60's, starring William Sylvester and Carole Gray in leading roles. Paul Baxter (William Sylvester), a vacationing American tourist stumbles across a small village where devil worshippers congregate on a regular basis. After his girlfriend is abducted, he steals the powerful talisman belonging to Count Sinistre (Hubert Noel) and his "chosen bride" Tania (Carole Gray). Sinistre will stop at nothing to re-claim the talisman, even luring Baxter with swinging red-headed model Karen (Tracy Reed). WITCHCRAFT, filmed the previous year, makes for a perfect companion piece. Horror movie legend Lon Chaney Jr. stars as Morgan Whitlock, at the center of an age-old feud between two dynasties. When the graveyard of the Whitlock clan is disturbed during an excavation, witch-matriarch Vanessa Whitlock (played by Yvette Rees in a truly-unsettling performance) returns from the dead to seek her revenge on the Lanier family. The cast also features Diane Clare and Jack Hedley.

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