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You may hate yourself in the morning, but from the funky '70s fashions to a whirlpool sex scene with Adam West (holy career nadir, Batman!), this Happy Hooker three-way is B-movie bliss! Georgy Girl turns call girl in The Happy Hooker (1975). Lynn Redgrave stars as Xavier Hollander, the plucky and cheerfully independent madam whose 1971 autobiography sold a staggering 17 million copies. The series takes a brisk, burlesque turn in The Happy Hooker Goes to Washington (1977), starring Joey Heatheron (that's more like it) as Xavier, "an honest hooker looking for a little peace" who is subpoenaed to appear before the Senate Select Committee on Sexual Excess in America in the wake of congressional sexual scandals. In The Happy Hooker Goes Hollywood (1980), a Hollywood producer (West) does to Xavier (Martine Beswick this time) what she does to her clients, and she takes revenge by forming her own production company to bring her life story to the screen. Anyone seeking serious softcore will not be happy with Hooker--these films are more comic than carnal. But if you have a fetish for slumming character actors and comedians, this trilogy amply delivers. Washington features Joe E. Ross (the "ooh-ooh" guy from Car 54, Where Are You?), Ray Walston (My Favorite Martian), comedian Phil Foster, Larry Storch (F-Troop), David White (Larry Tate on Bewitched), flamboyant entertainer Rip Taylor, Billy Barty doing an unaccountable James Cagney imitation, and even "Cheswick" from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest as a network television censor. In addition to West, Hollywood features Richard Deacon (Mel Cooley on The Dick Van Dyke Show), Edie Adams as herself, Phil Silvers as a wheelchair-bound unscrupulous movie tycoon, and incomparable cult-fave Dick Miller (A Bucket of Blood) as one of Xavier's customers. Pleasures come no guiltier than these relics from a more sexually libertine time.

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