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'Mr. Moto's Gamble' - After a boxer is knocked out in the ring, he is carried off the mat and mysteriously dies . . . . This movie began as a Charlie Chan film, but after Warner Oland quit the set, the studio scrambled to save it by substituting Mr. Moto in his place. They kept Keye Luke as Chan's number one son, but the role doesn't mesh well. 'Mr. Moto's Last Warning' - A cabal of secret agents scheme to sabotage the French fleet . . . . There is another tie-in with Chan: at 10 min. 21 sec. there is a subliminal promo for 'Charlie Chan in Honolulu' starring Warner Oland, later at 48:49 a theater poster covers this up with: "LAST DAY" (Oland had passed away during the filming of '... Last Warning.') 'Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation' - A priceless artifact is dug up in the desert and transported to a museum in San Francisco for display. Unfortunately, a band of thieves is ready and waiting . . . . 'Mr. Moto in Danger Island' - The Governor is in a bind, the diamond syndicate is demanding that he stop the flow of cheap diamonds through Puerto Rico. The last agent was murdered, there are no clues, and he has just received a report that Mr. Moto has appendicitis . . . . Extra movie: 'The Return of Mr. Moto' (Henry Silva - This movie bears no resemblance to the earlier Mr. Moto movies; it is a dark, hard-edged movie of espionage and murders for control of Arab oil.

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Special Features Bonus feature The Return of Mr. Moto (1965) with commentary by star Henry Silva "Mr. Moto is Missing" featurette "Mr. Moto Meets Mr. Chan: The Making of Mr. Moto's Gamble" featurette "Mr. Moto's Creator: The Late John P. Marquand" featurette "Meet Mr. Moto" featurette Restoration comparisons

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