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'Think Fast, Mr. Moto' - The son of a shipping lines magnate sails to Shanghai to deliver a sealed note concerning smuggling to the branch manager. While on-board he meets a peculiar, but likable, Japanese fellow named Moto . . . . 'Thank You, Mr. Moto' - Prince Chung is distressed to learn there are those who will stop at nothing to obtain his set of scroll paintings, which, when placed in order, reveal the location of Genguis Khan's tomb and treasure . . . . 'Mr. Moto Takes a Chance' - A young woman, making a solo flight around the world, fakes an in-flight-emergency, and parachutes over Cambodia. There she will meet a rajah, his high priest, a film crew, gunrunners, and Mr. Moto . . . . 'Mysterious Mr. Moto' - A member of the notorious "League of Assassins" escapes from the prison on Devil's Island with a fellow inmate named Ito, who is determined to be his servant when he rejoins his murderous gang in London . . . .

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Special Features * Closed Caption * The Mysterious Mr. Lorre * Sol Wurtzel: The Forgotten Mogul * The Dean of Hollywood: a conversation with Harvey Parry directed by Norman Foster

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