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Between slams of his gavel, Judge Jay Jostyn enforces justice in this spellbinding "reality" series enacting cases in a Los Angeles night court. Although the announcer presents "true cases and real people," actors play the roles of the defendants amid "live" courtroom mumbling and commotion. The riveting stories are both strange and funny, revealing a wide assortment of bizarre human frailties behind the multitude of shocking offenses. Episode 1: A rebel arrested for carrying a concealed weapon taunts the judge... A clerk insists he never shortchanged the customer who reported him... A pregnant schoolteacher charged with loitering in a bus station faces her fears... In court for disturbing the peace, a once-famous tap dancer brings back memories for the judge. Episode 2: A chronic offender, by now friendly with the judge, lands back in court... A loser faces charges of assaulting women in a bar... Faking blindness, a panhandler denies he's committed fraud... A wild-eyed bigot rants to the judge... A man accused of impersonating a peace officer denies any wrongdoing... A drunk arrested for bothering animals at the zoo says he entered the ape cage to visit his mother. Episode 3: A star-struck ingenue is arrested for indecent exposure during a publicity stunt... A businessman is fined for violation of the air pollution laws... A wife is arrested for hitting her husband over the head with a pot because he clicks his teeth... A prominent doctor and war hero is charged with illegal narcotics use... A young man insists he did not disturb the peace with loud music because he was playing Mozart. Episode 4: A gambler is arraigned for not supporting his family... A workaholic defends himself for allowing his son to stay out after curfew... An imposter appears in court for promoting a fraudulent charity... A little old lady admits to stealing flowers.

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