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An ambitious young general navigates the treacherous halls of power in 4th century Rome, as he ascends to earn the title of "Constantine The Great." Returning to Rome from his post at the Empire's eastern frontier, Constantine's star is on the rise. With treacherous rival Maxentius lurking patiently in the shadows, Constantine becomes emperor and begins his reign by declaring an end to the persecution of Christians. With Roman officials outraged by the controversial edict, Maxentius seizes the opportunity to depose his rival. The result is a bloody civil war between the Eastern and Western armies that will forever change the course of history. Constantine And The Cross is an Italian-produced epic based on the historic reign of Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus, the first Christian ruler of Rome, portrayed here by Cornel Wilde. The director and star of 1966's The Naked Prey, Wilde also appeared in a number of film noir classics, including Leave Her To Heaven, Shock Proof, and The Big Combo.

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ALP5367 Constantine And The Cross DVD (1962/Cornel Wilde) $5.99