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Swedish filmmaker Alf Sjöberg’s visually innovative, Cannes Grand Prix-winning adaptation of August Strindberg’s renowned 1888 play brings to scalding life the excoriating words of the stage’s preeminent surveyor of all things rotten in the state of male-female relations. Miss Julie vividly depicts the battle of the sexes and classes that ensues when a wealthy businessman’s daughter (Anita Björk, in a fiercely emotional performance) falls for her father’s bitter servant. Celebrated for its unique cinematic style (and censored upon its first release in the United States for its adult content), Sjöberg’s film was an important turning point in Scandinavian cinema.

Special Features

* New, restored high-definition digital transfer
* New video essay by film historian Peter Cowie
* Archival television interview with director Alf Sjöberg
* A 2006 television documentary about the play Miss Julie and dramatist August Strindberg
* Theatrical trailer
* New and improved English subtitle translation
* PLUS: A booklet featuring new essays by film scholars Peter Matthews and Birgitta Steene

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