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Police Lieutenant Dan Barton (PAUL KELLY) goes undercover among Fascist fifth-columnists in an attempt to learn their ‘secret code’ from the inside. He adopts the mysterious masked identity of The BLACK COMMANDO to single-handedly foil the spy group’s evil schemes, unbeknownst to the Nazis and his former police colleagues. Many of the 1940?s action movie serials were based on characters that appeared in the comics before the silver screen, but THE SECRET CODE introduced an original masked, costumed hero… The BLACK COMMANDO. Lauded for it’s top flight action sequences, chapter cliffhangers and lead performance by Paul Kelly, THE SECRET CODE is the best serial produced by Columbia Pictures. Paul Kelly’s portrayal of the ebon-clad avenger ranks him as one of the best on-screen “superheroes” of the adventure serial era. This DVD version of THE SECRET CODE may be the best presentation of this classic of the genre ever seen on video. It also stars ANNE NAGEL & TREVOR BARDETTE, and was directed by SPENCER G. BENNET. This video presentation is comprised of the complete 15-chapter serial originally filmed (in black & white) by Columbia Pictures in 1942. Among it’s extra featrures are: “15 Top- Secret Codes Exposed!”, and a documentary on the career of Paul Kelly, “Acting Can Be Murder!!”. The entire package runs more than 285 minutes, is presented in NTSC format on a region-free, DVD-R disc, which should play on any standard DVD player.

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