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Criminal Life of Archibaldo This Mexican-filmed black comedy (distributed in the U.S. seven years after its initial 1955 release date) is one of the minor but no less characteristic works of director Luis Bu˝uel. The film begins with Archibaldo (Ernesto Alonso) being triggered by a music box into a lengthy reminiscence of his childhood. It was an average, everyday incident, one that undoubtedly has occurred to us all: Archibaldo was caught dressing up in his mother's clothes by his governess, who was then instantly killed by a revolutionary's bullet before she could tell on him. The experience proved to be Archibaldo's "first rush," and he spends the rest of his life trying to re-create the sexual euphoria of that moment -- by murdering attractive women. Bu˝uel's characteristic perverse black humor then adds a twist, which prevents Archibaldo from fulfilling his desires. Perverse, but darkly funny, Ensayo de un Crimen is a slyly shocking delight. El One of Luis Bunuel's best films, this is a strong indictment of religious repression. When a man who has remained chaste through his entire life becomes hopelessly enamored of a woman he sees in church, he woes her away from her current lover and marries her. Torn between an obsessive passion for her and a logic-obliterating jealousy of everyone he sees, he destroys the relationship he so desperately wants to cement. He retreats to a monastery, where he is visited years later by his ex-wife and her child. What she discovers about this man's obsessiveness is a frightening look at the anatomy of sexual repression.

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UK239 Criminal Life of Archibaldo De La Cruz / This Strange Passion DVD (1955/Luis Bunuel) ***Region 2 DVD.*** Will only play on computers or multi-region DVD players. Not made for playback on North American DVD players. $54.99