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In the stunningly acted and critically acclaimed NBC anthology series, The Barbara Stanwyck Show, the beloved actress served as host and starred in many of the productions. This collection showcases 12 memorable dramas from the Emmy-winning series. Featuring performances from Dana Andrews, James Best, Joan Blondell, Joseph Cotten, Robert Culp, Buddy Ebsen, Peter Falk, Lawrence Tierney and more! Includes the dramas: The Golden Acres, Adventure on Happiness Street, High Tension, Sign of the Zodiac, The Choice, Frightened Doll, Yanqui Go Home, Little Big Mouth, Assassin, The Hitch-Hiker, Big Jake, A Manís Game

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Special Features 1. A never-aired episode, "Hong Kong and Little Joe" 2. A 16 page booklet including contributions by Kate Edelman Johnson

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