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The most devastating biological disaster in human history is explored as the documentary filmmakers at The History Channel turn their attentions to the ravaging and highly contagious disease that started like the common cold, and went on to decimate nearly one-third of Europe's total population. By the time the fever took hold it was still possible that it was a minor case of the flu, but as the tell-tale black swellings rose up on the neck preceding the contagious bloody-cough, there was no mistaking what was happening on the inside. With the foundations of human order thrown into ruin and religious hysteria leading blind followers on a desperate search for a scapegoat, The Black Plague forever altered the social and economical pillars of a once powerful society. In addition to exploring the origins of this historical outbreak, filmmakers also look into the future to see just how damaging a modern outbreak could be in an era when air travel has dramatically shortened the travel time between continents.

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