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A steel-hearted industrialist, Morley punishes his wayward daughter, Sharon, with a devastating choice. She must surrender her young son, Laurence, to the tycoon's care and forever vanish from the boy's life. In return the boy will be raised in luxury with every educational advantage. Her alternative is to have her son continue to share her life of struggle and squalor. Tearfully, she leaves her beloved boy with his grandfather, expecting to never see him again. The collapse of the stock market wipes out the old man's fortune. Abandoned by his friends and terminally ill, he still refuses to forgive his daughter, the one person on earth who cares about him. Only the love for his grandson, the one spark of warmth in his cold stubborn heart, has a chance of redeeming this tortured family. Director Frank Strayer (The Vampire Bat, 1933, the "Blondie" series, 1938-1942), directs this rare Chesterfield-Invincible production. "Our Gang" veteran Dickie Moore was a successful child star who appeared in many fine films including Blonde Venus (1932), Song Of Bernadette (1941) and most notably as the lead in Oliver Twist (1933). Veteran character actor Onslow Stevens (House Of Dracula, 1945, Them!, 1954) contributes a strong supporting role as the schoolmaster.

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