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Kind Hearts and Coronets (Dir. Robert Hamer, 1949): Sir Alec Guinness became an international star with his extraordinary performance as eight different characters in this 1949 Ealing Studios classic. Dennis Price (I'm All Right Jack, Private Progress) co-stars as Edwardian gentleman Louis Mazzini who plots to avenge his mother's death by seizing the dukedom of the aristocratic d'Ascoyne family. But to gain this inheritance, Mazzini must first murder the line of eccentric relatives who stand between him and the title, including General d'Ascoyne, Admiral d'Ascoyne, The Duke of Chalfont, Lady Agatha d'Ascoyne and four more, all brillantly portrayed by Guinness and leading to one of the most delicious final twists in comedy history. Passport To Pimlico (Dir. Henry Cornelius, 1949): An ancient document reveals that London's Pimlico district really belongs to France. And the Pimlico community, eager to abandon post-War constraints, quickly establish their independence as a ration-free state, with hilarious results. Nicholas Nickleby (Dir. Alberto Cavalcanti, 1947): The classic Charles Dicken's tale of 'Nicholas Nickleby,' a man who is deprived of his inheritance and travels to seek his fortune with a group of gypsies. Went The Day Well? (Dir. Alberto Cavalcanti, 1942): The residents of a British village during WWII welcome a platoon of soldiers only to discover that they're actually Germans!

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UK412 Definitive Ealing Studios DVD Collection Box Set: Volume 1 ***Region 2 DVD.*** Will only play on computers or multi-region DVD players. Not made for playback on North American DVD players. $29.99