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Ranch hand Tom Lansing gets an urgent letter from his father, and hurries back to Cheyenne to find him awaiting trial for murder. The senior Lansing swears a man named Butcher Wells is the real killer, but without any witnesses, a confession from Wells might be his only chance. Holed up in Twin Rock Canyon, a mysterious ghost town where men go in but never come out, Butcher Wells is surrounded and protected by a gang of fellow outlaws. Determined to clear his father's name, Tom ignores the danger and heads out after him. Tom Tyler is possibly best known for playing the title role in the 1941 Adventures of Captain Marvel serial and as the monster in The Mummy's Hand (1940). Originally a star of silent westerns in the 1920s, Tyler made an easy transition when talkies emerged, despite traces of his Lithuanian accent. As the 1930s wore on, though, he began to face tougher competition for B Western roles, often taking smaller supporting parts in bigger budget films.

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ALP4706 Terror of The Plains DVD (1934/Tom Tyler) $5.99