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A gang of vigilantes frame Dave Carson for rustling, and hang him without a trial. His hot-blooded nephew, Billy Carson, seeks revenge for the lynching. Billy takes over his dead uncle's ranch intending to find out who's behind the murders that are causing local cattle ranchers to sell out and flee. He suspects that "honest" businessman Steve Kirby is the vigilantes' leader. When Billy is jailed on trumped-up murder charges, he must escape before his appointment with the hangman's noose. Olympic swimming medalist Buster Crabbe starred in over a hundred films playing action heroes, most notably in the serials Flash Gordon (1936) and Buck Rogers (1939). He starred on TV in the popular series "Captain Gallant Of The Foreign Legion" (1955-1957) along with his real-life son, Cullen.

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ALP5900 Thundering Gun Slingers DVD (1944/Buster Crabbe) $5.99