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In the tradition of such elliptical thrillers as The Dead Zone and Memento, prolific television director Michael Watkins' tense tale of murder and intrigue is certain to have viewers firmly planted on the edge of their seats. Physics professor J.T. Neumeyer (Timothy Hutton) is well-renowned for his extensive knowledge and exceptional teaching skills. When J.T. receives a police file detailing his own murder, he notes that the report is dated five days into the future -- triggering a frantic race against the clock to solve the time-bending mystery and escape death's ever-tightening grip. If he had any doubts of the report's validity, any questions are soon put to rest when events in his life begin to mirror those of the ominous report.

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Special Features * cc 16:9 widescreen version * 5.1 Dolby Digital audio * 2.0 Dolby Stereo * Audio commentary for episode 1 and episode 4 by director Michael Watkins and director of photography Joel Ransom * "The Formula for Design" featurette * "Fractures of Time" featurette * "Remixing Reality" featurette * "Proving Destiny: The Weatherby Oak Tree Stunt" featurette * English and Spanish subtitles * Closed captioning

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LGE14631 Five Days To Midnight DVD (2004/Timothy Hutton) $14.98