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Here's howl the crimes go down. After a bungled bank job, a clever con realizes he needs a new gang. So he teams with Baby Face Nelson, Bonnie and Clyde, Dillinger, Ma Barker and Pretty Boy Floyd. They're not people; they're The Doberman Gang dogs, trained to avoid human error and pull off the perfect bank heist. In the sequel The Daring Dobermans, the law can't find those four-legged thieves, but three pals hoping to pull off a daring heist do, using sound waves to call the dogs. The dutiful Dobies are soon in training for another bold caper, one that will take them up a high-rise elevator, into offices, across rooftops, down a laundry chute and into a waiting van. Do they pull it off? Sit... stay... watch!

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WAA27687 Daring Dobermans/The Doberman Gang (1972/3/Byron Mabe) $24.95