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Boxer Gene Harris is serving 5 years in prison after being convicted for killing a man in the ring. He is paroled when crooked fight promoter George Miller promises to keep Gene employed. Wishing to leave his tragic past behind, the boxer is not happy to learn that Miller is promoting him as "Killer" Harris and cashing in on the publicity. Things get worse when in his first bout, his knockout punch leaves his opponent dead. The ex-con is being set up to take the fall while promoter Miller makes off with a fortune. This Mercury Pictures production stars Eddie Nugent who was known for playing collegiate types but occasionlly revealed a deeper side (Ah, Wilderness, 1936). Joan Barclay started in westerns playing with Tom Tyler, Hoot Gibson, and Tom Keene and went on to become a busy "B" movie star, appearing in 35 films between 1936 and 1939.

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ALP5835 Prison Shadows DVD (1936/Eddie Nugent) $5.99