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Casino dealer Tony Vincenzo knows how to figure the odds, and he figures the job he’s planned is close to a sure thing. He knows about the route and the security measures taken to protect an armored car hauling cash from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. He knows no one will find the car after he’s detoured it off the road and into a specially constructed subterranean desert vault. And yet he doesn’t know enough. Gary Lockwood, Elke Sommer, Lee J. Cobb, Jack Palance and classic caper star Jean Servais (Rififi) are the marquee lights in this tale of a heist as improbable in execution as it is fun to watch. Grab “a thriller equivalent to Leone’s Westerns, reworking old formulas and paying tribute to them at the same time” (Adrian Turner, Time Out Film Guide).

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WAA80185 They Came To Rob Las Vegas DVD (1967/Gary Lockwood/Elke Sommer) $19.99