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This hilarious monster mess from the makers of the Godzilla series (including director Inoshiro Honda) essentially recruits Mary Shelley's classic creature into the ever-growing ranks of Japanese city-stomping behemoths -- albeit with a less colorful costume. The only nod to the original Frankenstein involves the monster's reanimated heart, rescued from Nazi Germany and blasted with radiation in the Hiroshima blast. When the heart is accidentally eaten (don't ask) by a Japanese youth, the poor kid bulks up to titanic (though hardly Godzilla-esque) proportions, apparently presenting a threat to Mount Fuji's current guardian, the lizard-monster Baragon. The two duke it out Toho-style while token yank Nick Adams comments on the proceedings.

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Special Features * Full Uncut Japanese Feature * Special Announcement * Theatrical Trailer * Extra International Footage * Deleted Scenes * Photo Gallery * Audio Commentary by Sadamasa Arikawa * 5.1 Japanese & 5.1 English Mix.

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