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"Prince of Space" is a hilariously madcap cheap Japanese drive-in flick about Wally the shoeshine boy whose secret identity is the eponymous masked "Prince of Space." While Clark Kent works at the Daily Planet, Bruce Wayne is a reclusive gazillionaire,and Peter Parker a nerdy guy... Wally shines shoes and acts as a "mother and father" to a couple of bratty kids. Soon, however, Wally finds himself in the battle to save the world from extremely aquiline-nosed aliens (with their obnoxiously chuckling ringleader,the Phantom) from the planet Krankhor. The dialogue is ludicrous. The "special" effects will have you in stitches. The acting is so bad is laughable. Prince of Space knows how to choose incompetent enemies (and equally incompetent allies). As he repeatedly says, "Your guns are useless!" With or without MST3K's snarky remarks,"Prince of Space" saves the day with its cheesy dialogue, ludicrous costumes, and sub-par acting. Enjoy! Invasion of the Neptune Men Invaders from the planet Neptune, who look like klutzy guys in helmets that resemble overturned garbage cans, attack Earth. Their first contact is witnessed by a group of children who manage to be both obnoxiously cute and aggressive at the same time, but they're rescued by the sudden arrival of a mysterious hero (Shinichi Chiba) from outer space. Referred to as Space Chief in the English-dubbed version, and Ironsharp in the original Japanese, he flies in a jet-powered car that sort of rattles around like an airborne hot-rod. We never find out anything about him -- the children identify him as a hero and are in the film to cheer him on whenever he appears, and he always arrives to pull our fat out of the fire. The movie is a confusing mess, at least in its English-language version, but that's part of the fun.

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MP8108 Prince of Space/Invasion of the Neptune Men DVD (1962/1963/Sonny Chiba) $14.98