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In retrospect, this is one of the more interesting seasons. When the show begins, we notice one person missing from the original cast, Lisa Bonet. (She only appears in picture form during the title sequence.) Where has she gone? Off to the west coast set of A Different World for the popular spin-off's first season. We witness the introduction of Geoffrey Owens to the regular cast, portraying Elvin Tibbadeaux, who is now married to the oldest Huxtable child, Sondra. They've decided not to pursue their previous career interests and devote themselves to running their own wilderness supply store. This venture presents a recurring topic throughout this season, as well as the first season of A Different World. Meanwhile, the Huxtable ship keeps sailing with Theo completing his turbulent high school career, Vanessa's boyfriend list expanding, Rudy wanting to wear the wrong clothes and Cliff losing his memory. Among the celebrity guest stars are Christopher Plummer, Adam Sandler (as a recurring character).

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