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Tarantula (1955, 81 min.) An experiment to create a growth formula that could end starvation evolves into a nightmare when a contaminated spider grows gargantuan - with an appetite to match! The Mole People (1956, 78 min.) Deep below the surface of the earth, three scientists stumble upon a tyrannical tribe of albinos who have enslaved a mutant - and dangerous - race of mole people. The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957, 81 min.) After encountering a mysterious radioactive mist, an ordinary businessman finds his physical size diminishing as his ordinary household becomes a terrifying trap of doom. By the way, who keeps a cat in the house with a six inch tall husband around? The Monolith Monsters (1957, 76 min.) In a desperate race against time and nature, a geologist and a scientist must find a way to stop effects of killer outer-space rocks that are literally petrifying people with fear! Monster on the Campus (1958, 76 min) Terror sweeps a college campus after the discovery of a prehistoric fish that turns animals and humans that come into contact with it into bloodthirsty monsters. Dr. Cyclops (1940, 78 min) in COLOR! A brilliant but deranged physicist shrinks his enemies to one-fifth of their normal size when they begin to challenge his unconventional experiments. Cult of the Cobra (1955, 80 min) Vengeance is sworn against six American GI's after they witness a clandestine ceremony worshiping beautiful women who can change into serpents. The Land Unknown (1957, 79 min) When a navy expedition crash-lands in a crater thousands of miles below sea level, they encounter a hot, tropical landscape of prehistoric terror filled with ferocious dinosaurs. The Deadly Mantis (1957, 79 min) A paleontologist teams up with the military to battle a huge praying mantis when it goes on the attack in metropolitan cities after being released from an Arctic iceberg. The Leech Woman (1960, 77 min) Determined to recapture her beauty, a woman discovers a compound that will restore youth - but only when it's combined with fluid taken from bodies of the newly dead.

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MC04061 Classic Sci-Fi Ultimate Set DVD (Tarantula/Mole People/Incredible Shrinking Man/Monolith Monsters/Monster on the Campus/Dr. Cyclops/Cult of the Cobra/Land Unknown/Deadly Mantis/Leech Woman) $59.98 $49.99