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World Without End Looking at Edward Bernds' World Without End (1956) in the twenty-first century, its story plays a lot like Planet of the Apes -- but in place of talking apes, the surface of the post-apocalypse Earth here is ruled by deformed mutant humans; and the underground-dwelling civilization depicted here does bear some similarities to the mutant humans of the sequel, Beneath The Planet Of The Apes. The movie also owes more than a bit to H. G. Wells' vision of post-apocalyptic Eloy and Morlocks (and Things To Come with its airmen versus feudal rulers). But for all of those disparate, familiar elements, in its sources of inspiration as well as its influences, World Without End is also strikingly refreshing, in its optimistic vision of the future -- considering that most of the human race is wiped out in the timeline described by the four heroes, that's saying something, but it's true. This is a movie that depicts mankind starting to get things right the second time around, and it's worth seeing on that basis alone. Satellite in the Sky synopsis The topicality of Satellite in the Sky enabled the British-based Danzinger Bros. to release the film through Warner Bros., rather than their usual United Artists distribution channels. The story concerns the first manned space satellite, launched from England with commander Michael Hayden (Kieron Moore) at the controls. It is the mission of Hayden and his crew to test out the deadly "tritonium" bomb in outer space. Once he's left the atmosphere, Hayden discovers that he's been harboring a stowaway: reporter and anti-weapons activist Kim Hamilton (Lois Maxwell). Everyone's life is placed in peril when the bomb affixes itself to the side of the satellite. As tension mounts, the crew -- and Kim -- race against time to either remove or defuse the tick-tick-ticking weapon.

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