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All About Eve (1950) - This film brought Davis' career back from the brink and set up a very productive second act in her career. Margo (Bette Davis) plays an insecure aging star who helps a very poisonous young ingenue, Eve, (Anne Baxter) get started. As Margo, Davis throws some of the best tantrums of her career. Just when you think there is nobody more evil than Anne Baxter's Eve Harrington, along comes George Sander's Addison DeWitt and kicks her to the curb in that category.
The special features are:
Audio Commentaries -
1. Celeste Holm - Star; Joseph L. Mankiewicz - Director; Ken Geist - Author/Film Biographer; Christopher Mankiewicz - Director's Son
2. Sam Staggs - Author/Film Historian
Isolated Audio Track - Musical Score
Disc 2: ALL ABOUT EVE - Supplemental Material
Additional Release Material:
Additional Footage - "MovieTone News: 1951 Academy Awards Honor Best Film Achievements, 1951 Hollywood Attends Gala Premiere of "All About Eve," Holiday Magazine Awards, Look Magazine Awards"
Behind the Scenes -
1. "AMC Backstory: ALL ABOUT EVE"
Comparisons - Restoration Comparison
Documentaries -
1. "Joseph L. Mankiewicz: A Personal Journey"
2. "The Real Eve"
Featurettes -
1. "Directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz"
2. "The Secret of Sarah Siddons"

Phone Call From a Stranger (1952) - The lead here goes to Davis' husband at the time, Gary Merrill. The film is about four strangers on a plane that is destined to crash.

The Queen (1955) - This is Davis' second film in which she plays Queen Elizabeth I of England. Here Richard Todd plays Sir Walter Raleigh, who, like Essex in the earlier film, is a younger man who trades on Elizabeth's love for him to gain some personal glory. Special features:
Behind the Scenes - A "Making Of" featurette

Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte (1964) - Meant to be a kind of sequel to "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?". Here we have the perennial sweet thing of the golden age of Hollywood, Olivia de Havilland, playing opposite Bette. As a teenager Charlotte Hollis (Bette Davis) was presumed guilty of killing her married lover. Her wealthy father got her out of it, but Charlotte has lived as a recluse ever since and is facing eviction from the family plantation. Her cousin Miriam Deering (Olivia de Havilland) comes to visit just as Charlotte seems to be going over the edge with visions of her murdered lover from 37 years before.
Special features:
Behind the Scenes - "Hush...Hush, Sweet Joan: The Making of CHARLOTTE"
Featurettes -
1. "Bruce Dern Remembers"
2. "Wizard Work" (Vintage Featurette)

The Nanny (1965) - Ten year old Joey has a new nanny, Bette Davis. Nobody believes disturbed Joey when he claims that the nanny is evil and wants to kill him - she's such a sweet old lady.

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