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Disc One: SIEGE OF SIDNEY: The date is 1911 and a standoff is sparked between Russian anarchists and police officers. Violence and flashbacks to the events provide the tension to sustain the viewer to “still till the end!” (1960) THE FRIGHTENED MAN: Charles Victor, the owner of a small furniture & antique shop uses extra cash from handling stolen goods to put his son through Oxford. However, the son gets himself kicked out and comes home to sponge off the old man. The son wants more money and gets himself involved with some heavy duty bad guys. Tragedy is the name of the game in this one. (1952) Disc Two: CRIMES AT THE DARK HOUSE: The inheritance of a large estate leads to murder, when a madman kills the recipient only to gain entrance to the estate so that he can enjoy the life of luxury. But not everyone is convinced he is the rightful heir. (1940) THE HOODED TERROR: This drama thriller is both classy & suspenseful. No one suspects a millionaire stamp collector to be the head of the country’s most notorious and feared organized crime ring. It’s up to an amateur to track him down with little help from the police. (1938) Disc Three: GIRL IN THE NEWS: The perfect plot! An unsuspecting nurse, once acquitted of murder, is hired to care for the wheelchair-bound Mr. Bentley. This falls into the plans of Mrs. Bentley and the butler – lovers plotting to set Ms. Graham up when Mr. Bentley is found dead. (1940) TREAD SOFTLY STRANGER: Diana Dors plays Calico, the sexy vamp (or tramp?) and Terence Morgan, the staid little office worker and “love interest”of Calico. Things heat up when the shady but handsome brother arrives from London. Instant attraction strikes between Calico & the brother – making her plan of theft take off. (1958)

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UE8538 British Cinema B Film Collection DVD (Tread Softly Stranger, The Siege of Sidney, The Frightened Man, Crimes at the Dark House, The Hooded Terror, Girl in the News) $29.95 $26.99