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Tim Butler, a tough political reformer is elected mayor and makes good on his campaign promises to "run the rats out of town." Party boss Regan has him removed from office on a trumped up morals charge. Regan is later killed by a mysterious assassin, and Butler is accused of the murder. After a rigged trial, Butler is sent to prison for life. But the killings don't stop - more dishonest officials are gunned down by a weapon that leaves no trace of bullets. With a biting and witty script performed by a talented cast, Corruption is a dramatic tale of political intrigue. Evalyn Knapp is probably best known for playing the title role in sound version of The Perils of Pauline in 1933, the same year Corruption was released. Preston Foster, Tully Marshall and Warren Richmond deliver tough, realistic portrayals of strong men in the halls of power, but great character actor Mischa Auer steals the film in the shocking finale.

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ALP5614 Corruption DVD (1933/Preston Foster) $5.99