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Underworld (1937, B&W): Paul Bronson lusts after the decadent world of nightclubs and casinos. His strongest desires are reserved for the dangerously voluptuous Dinah Jackson, but this beautiful temptress is really the "property" of mob boss LeRoy Giles. When jealous LeRoy gets wind of Dinah's cheating, he cuts off her money and kicks her out. An angry Dinah has LeRoy shot, and suspicion falls on Paul. Dinah is Paul's only alibi - and his only hope of avoiding a long walk down death row. Starring Sol Johnson, Bee Freeman, "Slick" Chester, Ethel Moses, Oscar Polk; Directed by Oscar Micheaux. Dark Manhattan (1937, B&W): On the tough back streets of Harlem, thugs and crooks fight for control of the numbers racket. One small time hood, "Curly" Thorpe, is enlisted by the biggest mob boss in town, Larry B. Lee, to be his protégé. Curly takes over the operation, bringing a new level of brutality and greed to Lennox Avenue. Beautiful women, fast cars and hard cash are all that Curly cares about, but he steps on the wrong toes to get them. Tougher men than Curly now want him dead. Starring Ralph Cooper, Cleo Herndon, Clarence Brooks, Jess Lee Brooks; Directed by Harry L. Fraser.

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ALP5623 Harlem Double Feature Underworld/Dark Manhattan DVD (1937/Ralph Cooper) $5.99