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Candy magnate Herbert Scott is kidnapped. A $50,000 ransom is paid but the hostage isn't freed. Police investigators are coming up empty handed, but they're keeping a close eye on their prime suspect, the tycoon's playboy son, Larry. The Feds send in one of their finest, Agent Betty Mason, a sharp-tongued tough gal who holds her own in the dangerous all-male world of law enforcement. Agent Mason teams up with Larry in a bold effort to rescue the elder Scott and recover the ransom money, but the real culprits are equally determined to stop them. A crime caper with a gender twist, Held For Ransom features Blanche Mehaffey as the feisty female Fed who always gets her man, even managing to rescue a helpless Grant Withers from a burning building in the process.

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ALP5615 Held For Ransom DVD (1938/Grant Withers) $5.99