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The son of a Southern California surfing legend grows up to become a professional surfer, only to realize too little too late that his celebrity status may be the one thing that's keeping him from realizing his true potential. As a young boy, Ned Blakely (Michael Graziadei) learned the rules of the waves from his mother (Nia Peeples), a lifelong surfer who spent so much time on the water that her blood seemed to flow with the tide. Years later, Ned takes the advice of his friends and enters into the world of competitive surfing. A true natural, he wins every competition he enters with ease. The next thing Ned knows, he's got an agent, and he's living the dream. But when the partying gets out of hand and the endorsement deals dry up, the surfer who rode his wave of success all the way to the top realizes that in order to take control of his life he must reassess his values, and refocus on the things that are truly important.

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MHV7842 Outside DVD (2009/Michael Graziadei) $9.99