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Buck Jones and his fellow marshals come to the aid of Rufus Todd - an old friend and newspaper man in the small mining town of Gold Creek. Gold shipments are being hijacked by mysterious marauders, and Todd claims to have proof that Saloon owner Jim Rand is the mastermind behind the robberies. Todd's printing presses are destroyed before he can produce the newspaper naming the culprit. Suspecting Rand is incapable of running such a complicated racket, Marshals Jones, McCall and Hopkins go undercover to smoke out the true gang leader. West Of The Law was the last of eight Rough Riders movies starring the original Rough Riders (Buck Jones, Tim McCoy and Raymond Hatton). After West Of The Law, Tim McCoy returned to active military duty with the onset of World War II. Buck Jones and Raymond Hatton continued on for one final Rough Riders movie, Dawn On The Great Divide (1942). Jones died soon after in the Cocoanut Grove Nightclub fire in Boston, while Hatton went on to reprise his role as Marshal Sandy Hopkins - but as a sidekick to western star Johnny Mack Brown.

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