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The Gang's All Here (1943) arrives in this set in a version improved over the one that was included in the first Alice Faye Collection. The plot is best ignored, but director Busy Berkeley's mad inventiveness and the sheer Technicolor outrageousness of it all is hard to resist--and Carmen Miranda is at her daffiest, especially in the banana-licious "Lady in the Tutti-Frutti Hat," a signature number. Greenwich Village is another colorful bauble, with Don Ameche as a "longhair" composer drawn into the less exalted world of show business. As is often the case in these pictures, Miranda is in a frankly peripheral role but gets a lot of screen time anyway--and here her fractured English locutions and exuberant performing style are lusciously showcased. Vivian Blaine, Fox's pinch-hitting musical star for those movies that didn't feature studio queens Alice Faye and Betty Grable, is the true female lead--as she is in four of the five films here. In Something for the Boys, Miranda and Blaine inherit a decaying Southern mansion, along with distant cousin Phil Silvers (whose quasi-minstrel number is one of the more groan-worthy things in the picture). A few Cole Porter songs and a young Perry Como add musical appeal, and you can't mistake the young Judy Holliday, even if she only appears on screen for a few seconds. Doll Face, which relegates Miranda to sidekick status (and black and white, which just doesn't seem right), is an adaptation of famed stripper Gypsy Rose Lee's play. It's a very "meta" thing about a burlesque queen whose memoir becomes a hit play; Dennis O'Keefe provides the male ballast, and some extremely politically incorrect views, opposite Blaine. If I'm Lucky is another black-and-white picture with La Miranda on the margins, indicating her waning status at Fox. Its tortured plot puts a mild-mannered crooner (Perry Como) in line to run for governor. Some fine extras fill out the box set, with TV appearances by Miranda and an informative 90 minute bio, which includes serious appreciation and a clip of her final performance, taped hours before her death. In Doll Face someone tells her character, "You could be another Carmen Miranda," but there was only the one.

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Special Features * The Gang's All Here * Commentary by film professor Drew Casper * Busby Berkeley: A Journey with a Star featurette * Alice Faye's Last Film: We Still Are! featurette * The Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show episodes * Deleted scene * Original theatrical trailer * Still photo galleries * Color, 1.33 * Greenwich Village * Something for the Boys * Carmen Miranda: The Girl from Rio documentary * Doll Face * Deleted scene with commentary by John Cork * Isolated score track * Theatrical trailer * B&W, 1.33 * If I'm Lucky * Excerpts from Sing with the Stars featuring Carmen Miranda

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