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Although aging cattle thief Cheyenne Kincaid has grown accustomed to his maverick life on the trail, he pines for his long-lost wife and daughter, kidnapped years ago by outlaw Rance Kimball. After joining a gang of rustlers headed by ruthless "El Diablo," Cheyenne bristles at the brute's mistreatment of pretty young Connie. Kincaid's long-dormant memories of domestic bliss are stirred up, precipitating a deadly confrontation with startling results. Fifty-seven-year-old Harry Carey was nearing the end of his starring career in Westerns when this Poverty Row shoot-'em-up hit theater screens in 1935. Given a better-than-average story with which to work, Carey imbues his "good bad man" character with a sincerity and rough-hewn charm all too often lacking in sagebrush sagas geared for Saturday-matinee crowds during the Depression years.

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ALP6351 Rustler's Paradise DVD (1935/Harry Carey) $5.99