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THE WIDOW COUDERC: A melodrama in which a young man and an older woman embark upon a steamy affair. When Alain Delon's character moves in to work for an attractive widow (Simone Signoret), sparks fly. DIABOLICALLY YOURS: After a near fatal car crash and three weeks in a coma, a man awakens to a new life, attempting to search for his true identity after suffering amnesia. The more he remembers, the more dangerous things become. LA PISCINE: Delon hits the big screen with real-life romance Romy Schneider as a couple vacationing near St. Tropez. When the teenage daughter (Jane Birkin) of his ex shows up, a love triangle of disastrous proportions is created. LE GITAN: Delon stars as a gypsy just trying to steal enough to survive. Tricking the law at every turn, he experiences the thrill of the chase coupled with the sorrow of one stuck at the bottom of French society. NOTRE HISTOIRE: This dramatic feature stars an older Delon as a middle-aged alcoholic whose life is altered when a train ride introduces him to a sexy woman who puts a spell on him.

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LGE22595 Alain Delon Collection DVD (Widow Couderc/Diabolically Yours/:a Piscine/Le Gitan/Notre Histoire) $35.99