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In one of her early roles, Sophia Loren helps the history of Naples come alive in the music- and dance-filled "Carosello Napoletano" (1954). With Leonide Massine, Achille Millo. Loren agrees to marry Hun leader "Attila" (1954) in order to save the Roman Empire, but will the renowned barbarian's (Anthony Quinn) lust for conquest be satisfied by her charms? Loren is at her lustiest in the bawdy romp "Madame Sans-Gene" (1962), playing the ex-laundress of Napoleon who falls for a sergeant in his army who goes missing, leading her to join a group of prostitutes on their way to the battle zone. Robert Hossein also stars. Finally, the moving melodrama "Sunflower" (1970) from director Vittorio De Sica stars Marcello Mastroianni as a newlywed in WWII Italy who reluctantly leaves wife Sophia and is sent to the bitter conditions of the Rusian front. Years later, after Mastroianni was declared missing in action, Loren journeys to the Soviet Union to find out what happened to him, and is shocked to find him alive and married to a Russian woman.

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